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TechNova is dedicated to growing the regional tech community helping people to learn, share, connect, and collaborate with their peers.

We believe to build a strong technology ecosystem people must be educated on new and emerging technology, develop new products, start new businesses, and become resources for one another.

Technova produces events to aid in achieving this mission such as BarCamp Tampa Bay, Ignite! Tampa Bay, and “Day of” technology workshops in addition to sponsoring and supporting other tech-focused groups and causes that share our vision. TechNova of Florida, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that relies entirely on the generosity of the business and tech community to help fulfill this mission.



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Joy launched the first of 15 ventures at age 18, nine successful acquisitions and two IPO’s she exercises her passion for building high-value, scalable businesses as the founder and CEO of New Market Partners. Since founding New Market Partners in 2004 Joy has worked with over 800 startups helping them build scalable businesses. Currently CEO of Citizinvestor, the industry leading civic engagement and crowdfunding platform. Empowering citizens to create positive change in their communities.

Founding New Market Partners in 2004 she has worked with over 800 startups helping them build scalable businesses. Joy is an active early stage investor, enthusiastic startup advisor, and leads efforts to create opportunities for talented tech entrepreneurs worldwide. She has led public and private companies raising over $360M in capital, and generating over $15B in revenue. Her experience extends from startup to top companies in the industry including Apple, Akamai and CA where she was responsible for the over $1.8B in revenue and 17 acquisitions. Joy currently serves on the boards of several public and private companies.

An alumnus of the University of Georgia, Emory University Goizueta School of Business, and MIT Entrepreneurship Program. She holds multiple cybersecurity and technical industry certifications. Her recent honors include: Technology Leader of the Year, Business Woman of the Year, Power 100 Business Leaders, The 25 most influential business players in Tampa Bay, Top 10 Innovators, and Top 25 CEO’s. A published author, frequent speaker and contributor to Fortune, Bloomberg, and other media outlets, she is a recognized voice in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Mobile and Cybersecurity.


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Ken is a product strategy and technical marketing executive with both venture-backed startup and Fortune 50 senior management experience. He has held marketing, product development, business development and operations positions at Compaq Computer (now HP), NYNEX (now Verizon) and several technology start-ups in industries including data and network security, managed services and digital media distribution.

Beyond his work on individual products, Ken has been actively involved in setting policy, direction, and adoption of a number of industry-wide initiatives including:

Standards for system management (WBEM)
Secure digital music / media (SDMI)
Secure wireless (IEEE 802.11i)

Ken has been a featured speaker at industry events targeted at government, enterprise and small business IT, and security professionals. He was the co-founder of Tampa Bay’s first fulltime coworking space (IdeaField) and has helped lead a number of government and grassroots community efforts to help mature the local tech ecosystem including BarCamp, Ignite, Hillsborough County’s #EDI2 program, Hillsborough County Hack-a-Thon, StarTec IdeaCamp, and others.


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Gavin has loved computers for as long as he can remember. Growing up, you could find him at the local department store because they had a Timex Sinclair ZX81. He would spend the day writing programs on their display computer even though there was no way to save them. His family often reminds me that the only way he got out of bed before noon as an adolescent was by yelling “computer sale,” and he would come barreling down the stairs for his mom to drive him to the local Zayre’s to pick up the latest Commodore 64 game.

Teaching has always been an important component of the Tampa Ruby Brigade which he has co-organized for many years with fellow Iron Yard instructor, Jason Perry. Several years ago he started CoderNight – a meetup specifically held for practicing development. CoderNight grew out of the Ruby meetups where many of our members would say “Oh, I wouldn’t want to speak or share code because my code isn’t very good.” This thought process was disappointing to me because in my experience most people’s code is better than they think, they just don’t have the confidence to lay it out for others to critique/help.

To remedy this he started CoderNight with the mission to help both new and experienced developers in an open and nonjudgmental way. CoderNight starts with me assigning a challenge three weeks before the meetup date. Members have two weeks to work on the assignment in any language (or languages) they wish, working solo or in pairs. The code is submitted and shared with everyone but without any attribution. The code doesn’t have to solve the challenge, just be an honest attempt at completing.

While Gavin has written code for many different systems during my career he became most fulfilled with programming when he stopped taking myself so seriously and took the time to relax and “smell the roses,” remembering how empowering, fun, and wonderful writing code can be. He now hopes to instill the same in students at The Suncoast Developers Guild.


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Brenda is an experienced executive providing marketing and management consulting, strategy and business development to help companies develop their brand, products, customers, contracts and relationships incorporating innovations and new media in their marketing mix.

– With experience at start-up through Fortune 500 size companies for new initiatives, innovations, and emerging technologies using traditional and new media. In-depth experience in and understanding of what it takes to launch a company, a new initiative or a product and achieve great results

— Consulting clients have included large companies such as AT&T, Lucent, Winstar, Progress Energy, as well as start-up and medium-sized businesses